Share Your Trivial Circumstance

The sole purpose of this post is to create a space for YOU, my blog reader, to share a moment in your life where you could see God’s meaning and purpose for you. Those miracles of meaning that show up in the details of your life. The moments when God’s involvement in your mundane existence shines in a way you can’t deny. For me, some examples are:

  • The time He gave me red boots. I knew that if he cared enough about the color of my boots to , He cared deeply about every aspect of my life.
  • The time I was enjoying a particularly beautiful day, and I told Him how much I was enjoying His work. He responded, “I enjoy you enjoying it.” Enjoying Him is not an obligation when I knew it’s for our mutual joy.
  • The time I was worried He was about to send me to some concrete jungle somewhere. I cried out to Him next to the beautiful wooded creek near my house, “You can’t take me away from this!” He responded, “I knew you would be here when I put this creek here.” I knew He would take care of me no matter where I go.
  • The time I became instant friends with a woman through our shared trauma. We weren’t naturally drawn to each other at all. We bonded immediately, and every step of that friendship has shown how he’s built the two of us to work hand in hand. Our strengths build one another and so do our weaknesses.

Share your Trivial Circumstance in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Share Your Trivial Circumstance”

  1. A few months after my Auntie passed away, I finally got the gumption to begin cleaning her room. I started with her clothes and was automatically overcome with emotion because they smelled like her and I could still imagine her wearing them. After I lifted the clothes out of the drawer I found a handful of heart shaped mini wood pieces (totally random), it was like a message telling me I was loved.
    When my dad was dying in the hospital, I took a walk with my sister to get some lunch outside the hospital. We were talking about our Auntie (my dad’s sister) wishing she was there (she is deceased). A moment later in the middle of our path on a concrete sidewalk with no trees around, was a perfect maple leaf (her favorite). Another message telling us we were loved and not alone.

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