Lust: the Sermon on the Mount and a Few Missing Words

"Gee, Amy, it's been a minute since you blogged about sex." Yes, yes it has. Thanks for noticing! Shall we dive back in? There’s a verse from the gospels that has been stuck in my head and heart for a long time.  It gets so much use in sermons and discussions about sexual morality that… Continue reading Lust: the Sermon on the Mount and a Few Missing Words

Under His Voice: Obedience Beyond the Law

My quest to find the sweet spot in sex is not the only place I’m doing what I’m doing. In fact, it’s informed by other areas of my life where I’ve experienced the lifechanging power of the presence of God. A lot of what I’m doing for myself (and trying to make transparent to you,… Continue reading Under His Voice: Obedience Beyond the Law

Chips, Queso, & Sex Drive

One reader asked me to write about the male sex drive. Since I’m not male… take this with a very large grain of salt. Perhaps even a block of salt, or an entire salt mine. This is my take based on my non-scientific observations. Because you have to start somewhere… (I'm not even going to… Continue reading Chips, Queso, & Sex Drive

Polyamory & the Pence Rule

I started out this blog series intending to blog about sex every day for a month. It’s been well over a month, and I haven’t come close to blogging every day. That’s just WAY more writing than I can handle. I’m just going to continue on the topic, posting at random intervals until I get… Continue reading Polyamory & the Pence Rule

Waking Desire (Part 6): Love

This is the final (!) episode of a six-part story. To read the rest of the series, go to Waking Desire. (The posts in the story are listed from newest to oldest. I'm working on fixing that when I have patience to wrestle with WordPress.) Also, I'm still working on my sexier posts. Right now… Continue reading Waking Desire (Part 6): Love

Waking Desire (Part 4): Wonder as We Wander

A note before I dig into my story again... The events in this story were a year ago. (Almost exactly a year ago, as it turns out, although that was not deliberate. Sometimes I'm a little in awe of the power of my subconscious.) I saw "Bryson" once during that year. Once, until I started… Continue reading Waking Desire (Part 4): Wonder as We Wander