Trivial Circumstances, Big Ideas

Let me help you get your Big Idea out into the world

With all of the single panel memes and Buzzfeed click bait and 280-character Tweets and memes out there, the world is still hungry for Big Ideas. Something that ties together the blips of meaning. Glue to fill in the cracks.

Do you have a Big Idea waiting to be unleashed on the world?

  • Have you found a niche for yourself professionally that colleagues frequently ask you about?
  • Do you have a hobby that gets a lot of attention in social media? Do friends ask to learn more?
  • Do you already publicize your ideas through social media and find that you spend a lot of time fielding questions through direct message?
  • Has anyone ever told you that they wished you offered a book or a course?

I combine my background in writing and teaching with years of experience in the software industry making large, complex ideas and systems easy to understand. I can help you find and develop the right outlet for your idea, whether it’s a book or courses or an online community or a blog or a combination of several of these.


I can help develop these product deliverables:

  • Books
  • Online community set-up and management
  • Online courses


Each project has unique needs. These are the skills and services I bring to the project when we work together on a book, community, or courses:

  • Content development strategy: A key to communicating Big Ideas is figuring out what information to provide when and how to combine and build on components of the Big Idea in effective and memorable ways. Coming up with a good outline or story about your Big Idea will make your book or course or community memorable and effective. Identifying good visual metaphors will help your Big Idea stick. Planning a month of more of drip content for your online communications will help make updating your content simple and painless.
  • Ghost writing: Do you find writing difficult, or you just don’t have time? I write books and courses based on interviews and any other content you’ve already produced. I write it so that it sounds like you. Some people feel like hiring a ghost writer is inauthentic. As a writer myself, I’ve found that the process more closely resembles having a good reader give feedback before the words are even on the page. The ideas and language and style are all you, I’m just helping you discover them and recording them for you.
  • Community and course set-up: I will do the footwork to get your community and courses set up in Mighty Networks
  • Course development: If you work with me, you will be recording any audio and video for your own courses. I will help you get set up to do that (recommend tools and resources like lighting and apps), I can script your course, and I am happy to create visual presentations. I favor a more informal, down-to-earth presentation style that anyone can learn without much experience or preparation. We are trying to get your Big Idea out into the world, not turn you into a movie star.
  • Project management: Even the simplest book writing project has moving parts and pieces. Let me worry about what needs to be done when and by whom and help keep your project on track.
  • Professional connections: You don’t have to dig through freelance sites to find good people to edit or provide you with graphic design. I work with trusted professionals for aspects of the projects I do not do myself:
    • A development and copy editor who has worked on best-selling novels
    • A composer/pianist who can write and record music for your
    • A graphic designer

Does any of that sound interesting? Let’s talk about your project and your Big Idea!

You can also email me. I’d love to hear from you.

Amy looking pretty damn wise