There are moments when eternity seems to punch through all of the noise in our lives to reality. When our hearts leap to the sound of the universe, and for a split second we know deep in our being that we are known and loved.Amy2017-8

When those moments weave together like some kind of four-dimensional connect-the-dots, life becomes breathtaking in its complexity and meaning. Someday I hope to be shown my life and see the pattern stretched out over all my years on earth–not a moment lost or wasted. Every heartache and joy, every success and failure, even each dull minute, woven into a glorious Story shimmering with the light of my Savior. In the meantime, I write this blog to share those moments and those constellations of meaning (when I can see them)–those glimmering Trivial Circumstances.

My name is Amy Farnham, and I live in breathtakingly beautiful Alaska. Other than living in the Last Frontier, my circumstances really are trivial. I relish the small things. I read, I garden, I walk or bike on the same part of the bike trail just about every day, I hike and camp, I spend time with my friends, I cook and eat, I play fiddle. I recently took up kayaking. If there’s a bonfire and/or music, friends, and a glass of wine involved, count me in.

If you want to get in touch, email me. I’d love to hear from you.


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