About Amy


I started blogging in the aftermath of my divorce, when I started to see little miracles of meaning in my life. Eternity seemed to punch through all of the noise into my reality. My heart leapt at the sound of the universe, and in those moments I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was known and loved.

After a lifetime of churchgoing, that was the beginning of the Divine speaking into my Trivial Circumstances in ways I had been taught were impossible, heretical… I realized that what I’d known of and learned about the life with God was just a shadow of what it really could be. I couldn’t help but follow those moments, deeper into communion with the God I was getting to know, and (surprisingly) deeper into knowing myself.

They have taken me down a path I never would have expected–straight out of the church as I knew it, away from the political party that was an integral part of my religious life. They’ve upended so many assumptions and beliefs and brought me to a life that is wild and beautiful and… free! I found grace that truly set me free.

What have I done with that freedom? I’m basically a Hobbit. I garden, I play with my dog, I read books, drink tea, write. I still walk the trails by my home and in the mountains with God. I have come to believe that savoring the small moments of our lives is our highest calling, and that is what I do. This blog is about enjoying the day-to-day in opposition to the voices that would tell me my purpose is something other than being and discovering who I’m made to be.

I also believe that stories are sacred, and a big part of my work is helping people tell their stories. I provide services from ghost writing to writing workshops. Check out my offerings at Trivial Circumstances Writing Services.

If you want to get in touch, email me. I’d love to hear from you.


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